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Chen Cun Fen

With Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce Steamed

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Fried Chinese Chicken Stuffed

With Shrimp Paste

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Whole Sticky

Rice Chicken

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Steam Rice Crepes

With Peanut Sauce

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With Carp Fillet

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China has a history of more than five thousand years, and the Chinese people have established a colorful culture. Chinese cuisine is an indispensable part of it. Most foreign travelers to China are deeply impressed by its food. We serving traditional our signature Chen Cun Fen in beautiful contemporary surroundings. Bound to remind you of the familiar taste of Chinese cuisine. Come and see what makes us exceptional!

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171 Hester St, New York,
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Our Lovely Customer Reviews


Excellent food!! Nice Day Chinese did not disappoint and is a great addition to the neighborhood. The dan dan noodles with impossible meat were so delicious. I also loved the lo-mein, sesame chicken, fried rice, and the mapo mac and cheese!! Highly recommend.

Sathi bhuiyan


I came here with a large group of friends and despite the size of our group the staff were great! And the food was delicious!!!

Mohin patwary


Wonderful place awesome food and great costumer service. They have homemade pasta and it is absolutely amazing. I absolutely loved it and I will totally be coming back.

Tarek aziz



Chen Cun Fen

Chen Cun town in Shunde is famous for its plants and flowers. It is known as "China's number one flower town". Besides this, Chen Cun is also equally well-known for Chen Cun rice noodles. Chen Cun has been a fertile land since ancient times. This can help explain why the local people are so particular about their cuisine. It is exactly this particularity that has given us the refined and delicious Chen Cun rice noodles.