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The best Chen Cun Fen in New York. Serving contemporary Chinese dishes, and bound to provide and unique perspective on Chinese food.

Known for quality ingredients and consistently exceptional service, we have become a household name locally and in our surroundings. Come and see what makes us exceptional.


Chen Cun rice noodles come from Chen Cun town, which is located in Foshan's Shunde district. The noodles have been around for over 90 years now. In 1927, a Chen Cun local named Huang Dan created a thin, fresh, smooth, soft kind of rice noodle. As this variety became more popular, local people began calling it "Dan noodles". When this noodle was exported to other areas, people began calling it "Chen Cun rice noodles". The fragrant Chen Cun rice noodles are around only around 0.5 to 0.7 mm thick. They are known for being exceptionally pliant and tender. They can be steamed, fried, or tossed, and prepared with pork ribs, shrimps and many other meats. When made with meat, the thin noodles soak up the juices from the meat, providing an awesome aftertaste when consumed this way. No matter how one makes them, they are sure to be delicious.


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